November 28, 2016

Sparkling Sunset Sail

Sparking Sunset Sail


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This trip is our most majestic experience available!!! Your evening begins at the sandy beach of Cruz Bay, where your Captain will pick you up by dinghy.  The boat is moored very close to shore, so you don’t have to worry about any sea spray on the way out.  Once aboard, your crew will assist you with seating and stow any of your items (purses, bags, etc) that you don’t wish to keep on deck with you.  We start our sail with a first round of premium liquors that other boats don’t offer or premium juices if you’d prefer.

As we sail out of the bay, you will start to truly understand the beauty of sailing at sunset.  The colors are amazing and the golden hue is perfect for lifelong photographic memories.  We offer a champagne toast at sunset as a celebration to the conclusion of one day, and take a moment to reflect on the days to come.  The music is comfortable and appropriate, while the Captain ensures a stable sailing experience as the sea permits.

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